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An Interview with Founder & CEO, Mr Patrick Tan

At the start of the new year, we sat down with Fortis’ Founder & CEO, Mr Patrick Tan, to find out about the lessons he’s learnt in the past year and the exciting plans he has for the firm in 2018. He shares on the opening of the new Fortis Singapore office and the official launch of their first regional office in Yangon, Myanmar.
Congratulations on your firm’s move to a swanky new office! Could you share the reason behind the moving of your office from Clifford Centre to UOB Plaza?

Thank you. The relocation was an integral part of our expansion plan. Our new office at UOB Plaza is more than twice the space of our previous office at Clifford Centre. It is designed to cater for the projected increase in headcount over the next three years.

As Founder and CEO of Fortis Law Corporation, what were the lessons you’ve learnt from running the firm in 2017?

I have learnt that as a leader I have to constantly improve on my leadership skills and also not be afraid to make tough decisions in the best interests of the law firm as a whole. In early 2017, I was awarded the Skillsfuture Study Award to attend the SAL-INSEAD Law Firm Leadership Programme conducted at INSEAD. The course taught me lessons that I could not have learnt in my practice such as formulating strategies and implementing them.

As we begin a brand new year, what are your plans for the firm in 2018?

We have exciting plans for the firm in 2018 and over the next three years. This includes the launch of our first new offshore office in Yangon, Myanmar in January 2018, and the growth strategy of hiring talents to join our ranks.

Apart from being an experienced lawyer, you are also a successful entrepreneur. Can you share with us if running several other complementary businesses have been beneficial to the law firm and if this was a strategic decision right from the start?

This was a strategic decision from the start. Very early on in my legal career, I realised that the law follows the business. Therefore, it makes sense to set up certain businesses that are supported by the law firm so that over time, these businesses become viable and structured platforms that are synergistic, and in turn provide a constant flow of legal work back to the law firm. I am glad that this strategy has worked out well for us.

Do you have any inspiring words to say to the lawyers and staff of Fortis Law Corporation for 2018?

2018 heralds the new milestone for the law firm. We have come so far in this journey together and I believe we can go further and achieve so much more for ourselves. But this will only be possible with your relentless and unwavering support. I want to take this opportunity to thank all my lawyers and staff for placing their trust in me, and I promise to lead you and the law firm to greater heights than ever before!


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