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Private Client Practice Group (PCP)

Family Law

Our team of family lawyers handles a diverse range of family law related matters. We act for both international and local clients in divorce proceedings, annulment of marriages, separations, drafting of pre and post-nuptial agreements, international child abductions and parental alienation under the Hague Convention, international relocation and custody (of children) applications, spousal violence and harassment, asset-tracing and worldwide injunction applications.
Notably, the first ever reported Singapore Court of Appeal judgment on the International Child Abduction Act was conducted by our team of family lawyers led by Patrick.

Our Family Law experience covers the following areas:

  • Contentious and uncontentious divorce proceedings
  • Annulment of marriages
  • Deed of separation
  • Drafting of pre and post-nuptial agreements
  • Application for Personal Protection Order and Enforcement
  • Injunction against spousal violence, abuse and harassment
  • International Child Abduction under the Hague Convention and parental alienation
  • Application to vary existing Court Orders
  • Application for interim maintenance and custody of children and Enforcement
  • Negotiation and mediation services

Patrick Tan

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Private Client - Wealth Preservation, Asset Protection, and Trust

Led by Patrick Tan and supported by the private client practice group. We work closely with our clients, usually international and regional UHNWI or HNWI, and devise strategies and structures to protect their assets and investments.

Singapore is widely considered the Switzerland for asset protection in the region. Singapore’s robust political, economic and social climate makes it ideal for our clients to choose us as their preferred partner and gatekeeper to protect their assets.

With 18 years’ experience in this area of practice, we work closely with many UHNWI and HNWI and their families in protecting their assets and ensuring that their legacy is enhanced and preserved. Our approach is to put our clients’ interests first within the confines of the law. We listen to our clients and understand their needs. Our team travels extensively in the region and understand the local culture and context in which our clients are from.

Our strategy is holistic and comprehensive. We do not provide asset protection advisory or private client related services in vacuum; we work with private client partners such as offshore and onshore service providers, leading private banks, insurance and financial planning companies, auditors and private equity funds, to provide inclusive and effective strategy and structure for our clients.

  • Advisory on regulatory, legitimacy and compliance matters
  • Creation and implementation of wealth preservation and asset protection strategy and structure
  • Advisory on, and creation of, trust and trusteeship services
  • Advisory and creation of family offices
  • Special purpose vehicles
  • Wealth and business succession planning
  • Philanthropy and setting up of foundations and charities
  • Immigration and application for residency
  • Incorporation of offshore and onshore entities
  • General corporate secretarial services
  • Tax and bookkeeping services
  • Referral services to international partners for private client related services like private banks, offshore tax specialists, insurance and international real estate service providers
  • Referral services to estate planning and financial planning professionals
  • Act as counsel in contentious trust matters

Patrick Tan

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Wills and Probate

Our specialist team of Wills and Probate lawyers offer a wide array of legal solutions to both international and domestic clients. We advise and act for individuals, private banks and private trust companies, families, executors, administrators, trustees and beneficiaries in both contentious and non-contentious probate matters. We also advise and assist our clients with the drafting of Singapore Wills and we work closely with our foreign counterparts on the drafting of wills involving assets in foreign jurisdictions. 

We act regularly as counsels for foreign law firms and international clients in the application to reseal foreign grants of probate or letters of administration and the administration and distribution of estate. 

This practice is led by Patrick Tan and supported by the team at FortisWills. Patrick sits as a member of the Probate Practice Committee of the Law Society of Singapore and is a prolific speaker on legal issues related to wills, probate, lasting power of attorney and trust. Details of such seminars and talks can be accessed via the “Events” link on our website

Our Wills and Probate experience covers the following areas:

  • Advising and drafting of Singapore wills
  • Working with foreign lawyer on the preparation of wills involving assets in foreign or multiple jurisdictions
  • Application for Grant of Probate and Grant of Letters of Administration
  • Application to reseal foreign Grant of Probate and Grant of Letters of Administration
  • Administration and distribution of assets
  • Transfer of assets pursuant to Grant of Probate and Grant of Letters of Administration
  • Act as counsel in contentious probate matters

Patrick Tan

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+65 6645 4500 (DID)

Elderly Law

Singapore and many parts of the world are facing the worrying trend of aging population. The elderly are one of the vulnerable groups of people that may require protection and care. With proper planning in place, the elderly can ensure that their interests are not compromised and that they can age with dignity and enhance their quality of life. At FortisLaw, our team of Elderly Law specialists are able to provide a suite of services specifically tailored to the elderly, such as Advance Care Planning (ACP), registration of Lasting Power of Attorney, and the application for deputyship.

Led by Patrick Tan and supported by the team at FortisCare. FortisCare is a unique mix of highly trained professionals in both the legal and healthcare industries, who can help clients through the ACP process and ensure that their values, beliefs and choices are respected and followed should they lose mental capacity and the ability to look after themselves one day.

We have worked with various grassroots organizations, VWOs, and healthcare partners in Singapore to deliver quality ACP services. We also organize and conduct frequent ACP awareness campaigns and public outreach programs to raise awareness on the importance of ACP. Details of such campaigns and programs can be accessed via the “Events” link on our website.

Our Elderly Law experience covers the following areas:

  • Advisory on the ACP process
  • Preparation and drafting of ACP plan
  • Advisory on Singapore Mental Capacity Act and Code of Practice
  • Preparation and registration of Lasting Power of Attorney Forms with Office of Public Guardian
  • Referral services for Advance Medical Directives to medical professionals
  • Enforcement actions against Donees for breach of duties
  • Deputy Application with the Singapore Mental Capacity Court
  • Enforcement actions against Deputies for breach of duties
  • Liaising with medical specialists and ascertain mental capacity
  • Liaising with various stakeholders in ensuring that the welfare and needs of elderly and mentally incapacitated are protected and taken care of in their best interests.

Patrick Tan

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+65 6535 3700 (Fax)
+65 6645 4500 (DID)

Real Estate

Our Real Estate Practice is led by Mr Patrick Tan. Patrick is the appointed legal advisor to the Singapore Estate Agents Association, which is the national body for property agencies in Singapore. Patrick is also the approved CPD trainer by the Council of Estate Agencies (CEA), which is a statutory board set up, amongst other things, to enhance the standards of the real estate industry in Singapore.

We regularly act for developers, investors, buyers and sellers of all types of real estate. We also act for financial institutions in all mortgage-related matters. 

Supported by our specialists in the Private Client Practice Group, we routinely advise and represent foreign investors on all compliance and regulatory matters concerning real estate investments in Singapore, such as applications for approval from the Land Dealings (Approval) Unit. 

We are appointed to CPF Board conveyancing panel of law firms.

Our Real Estate experience covers the following areas:

  • Act for sellers and buyers in real estate transactions
  • Represent developers and investors in real estate matters
  • Act for financial institutions in mortgage-related matters
  • Advising foreign investors and buyers on compliance matters relating to real estate
  • Act for landlord and tenant in contentious and non-contentious tenancy matters
  • Drafting of leases and tenancy agreements and enforcement of the same
  • Negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements
  • Act for subsidiary proprietors in collective sales

Patrick Tan

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+65 6645 4500 (DID)

Crime and Regulatory

Led by Mr Patrick Tan and supported by our team of lawyers in the Crime and Regulatory Practice. We handle a wide range of crime and regulatory and compliance related matters. The practice provides advisory and defence services for all blue to white collar crimes and prosecution work for statutory bodies.

For white collar matters, we work closely with specialists and risk advisory partners for fraud and regulatory investigations on behalf of corporate clients. We also provide defence assistance to those who face prosecution. We offer litigation assistance, fraud, due diligence and asset tracing services for local and international clients.

Our team comprises of specialists with expert local knowledge of the civil, criminal and regulatory framework. With this blend of unique combination of expertise, we are able to provide clients who require concurrent assistance with these multi-disciplinary approach and services.

We work closely with our clients to minimise the impact of fraud on their business and enhance the prospect of asset recovery. We can trace and recover assets by working with our counterparts overseas and using the legal systems to obtain disclosure from financial institutions and others, and can apply for injunctions and freeze bank accounts and other assets both in Singapore and worldwide.

Our Crime and Regulatory experience covers the following areas:

  • Trial and appeal for all crime matters including capital and court-martial offences
  • Conduct of mitigation pleas at all courts
  • Corporate and commercial fraud and forgery
  • Insider trading
  • Worldwide tracing of assets
  • Transactional due diligence support and reporting
  • Corruption and bribery
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Offences under Securities and Futures Act
  • Advisory on FATCA and AML
  • Prosecution of regulatory offences
  • Private prosecution and magistrate’s complaints

Patrick Tan

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This practice group is led by Patrick Tan and supported by a team of private client specialists. Our private client specialists provide advice and representation in a broad range of contentious and non-contentious private client related matters. We also represent clients in a broad spectrum of legal matters from Family Law, Wealth preservation, Asset Protection and Trust, Wills and Probate, Elderly Law, Real Estate, Crime and Regulatory.