At Fortis Law Corporation (“Fortis Law”), we pride our Trainees as future responsible members of the Singapore legal industry and individuals who are energetic enough to become a part of our culture as a Legal Associate. We spare no expense in grooming and preparing our Pupils/Trainees for the tough challenges ahead.As we are constantly striving for the best quality in our work and believe in working hard for the success of the Firm, we expect our Trainees to be as determined and hardworking in order to maintain the highest standards.

It is to our belief that besides having excellent academic results, Trainees should be able to perform their duties efficiently in a fast-paced environment and should possess spectacular leadership and problem-solving skills. They should also develop a good work ethic, an immaculate understanding of core legal work, and the ability to execute it with their team members.

The Firm will pay a monthly allowance during your training contract.

Fortis Law is a full-service Firm and this is an opportunity for you to be exposed to various areas of practice. This is especially useful if you are an all-rounder or do not have any specific area of practice that you wish to specialise in. However, if you express an interest in any particular practice area, we will do our best to train you in your preferred practice area.

The legal work that we do at our firm involves not only quick and critical thinking but also a hands-on approach in tackling challenges. This will equip you with substantial knowledge in a relatively short period of time, making you a better lawyer in the process. Should you need guidance, our directors, associates and staff members will always be ready to lend a helping hand in this new chapter of your life.

Lawyers at our Firm receive a competitive remuneration package, as well as welfare benefits, such as medical rebates, overseas trips and reimbursement of transport allowance for overtime work.

As it is incorporated in our working culture that there should be a healthy balance between work and leisure, you are also welcome to join the Firm in our regular get-together sessions, outings and lunches.

When applying, please include the following details:

  • A short introduction or write-up about yourself
  • A recent photograph
  • CV including your personal information and contact details
  • Exam transcripts
  • Records of your extra-curricular activities
  • Awards/Scholarships received (if any)
  • Previous working experience

We would love to hear from you. Come and be a part of our Firm for a rewarding working experience!

To Apply

Simply send your resume and Curriculum Vitae to:

8 Eu Tong Sen Street
#23-92 The Central
Singapore 059818